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What is worksheet in Snowflake? Create worksheets in Snowsight

A worksheet in Snowflake is a workspace where you can write and run SQL and Python queries, explore data, and create visualizations. It is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of data analysis tasks.

Worksheet in Snowflake

Worksheet in Snowflake

Snowsight worksheet UI

Snowsight Worksheet

Snowsight Worksheet

How to Rename Worksheets?

Hover your mouse over the worksheet name tab and click on the three-dot icon. Here, you will find several options, including:

  • Rename: Allows you to change the worksheet’s name.
  • Import SQL from File: Enables you to upload an SQL file from your computer.
  • Move to: Permits you to organize the worksheet by moving it into a folder or creating a new folder.
  • Duplicate: Creates a copy of the worksheet.
  • Delete Worksheet: Removes the worksheet.
Rename Worksheet Snowflake

Rename Worksheet Snowflake

Code Assist

Writing queries in Snowsight is significantly easier. As soon as you start typing, a pop-up window appears, displaying matching code suggestions based on what you’ve entered.

Worksheet code suggestions

Worksheet code suggestions

Here are some of the characteristics of Snowflake worksheets:

  • Snowflake worksheets offer a powerful and versatile environment for executing SQL queries and Python code.
  • These worksheets provide a range of features for data exploration and analysis, including filters, sorting, and aggregation.
  • This functionality facilitates seamless collaboration with others on data projects.
  • This tool is accessible from any web browser.

Here are some of the benefits of using worksheets in Snowflake:

  • User-Friendly: Worksheets are incredibly user-friendly, making them suitable for beginners. Their simple interface is easy to learn and navigate.
  • Versatile: Worksheets offer a high degree of versatility, allowing you to tackle a wide range of data analysis tasks. You can use them to execute SQL  and Python queries, explore data, and create visualizations.
  • Collaboration-Friendly: Worksheets simplify collaboration on data projects. You can easily share worksheets with others or invite them to collaborate.
  • Accessibility: Worksheets are accessible via any web browser, ensuring that you can use them from anywhere, regardless of your location or device.

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