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Some important Power BI topics related to Power BI reports , dashboard & Power Query like how to visualized data on visuals, understand formatting of visuals, Transform data in Power query editor etc.

Power  BI Desktop

Why Power BI Reigns as the Ultimate Data Analytics Tool?

Understand Power BI Desktop

Power BI Import Vs Direct Query Mode comparison

Hierarchical Axis and concatenate labels in Power BI

Data Labels and Display units in Power BI

How to add a Search Box to a Slicer in Power BI

Orders shipment Tracking status on Power BI visual

Power Pivot, Power Query and Power View in Power BI

Creating Calendar Table in Power BI using DAX Functions

Add a hyperlink to a text box in Power BI Report

Highlighting the min & max values in a Power BI column chart

Power BI – Sorting data by a column not shown in visual

Power BI Running Totals/ Cumulative Totals

How to Create a Hierarchy in Power BI?

Power BI DAX Formatter Tool by SQLBI

Creating a Table in Power BI

How To Clear Cache Of Power BI Desktop?

Power BI Dynamic Title Based On Slicer Selection

Spotlight feature in Power BI Desktop

How to add Custom Icons in Power BI conditional formatting

URL Icon in Power BI

Sort Legend Power BI

Data Types in Power BI

Power Query

How to Split Columns in Power BI?

Applied steps in Power Query

How to Use First Row as Headers in Power Query?

Copy a query from one Power BI file to another

Data profiling – Column quality, column profile & column distribution

Enable Load & Include In Report Refresh in Query Editor

Power BI Service

Email subscriptions in Power BI Service

Power BI Personal vs On-Premises Data Gateway

Power BI Dashboard vs Reports

Disable Dashboard Tile Redirection in Power BI Service

Workspace roles – Admin, Member, Contributor & Viewer

Power BI Interview Questions & Answers

Power BI Interview Questions & Answers

Power BI visualization interview questions and answers