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Workspace roles – Admin, Member, Contributor & Viewer

In this blog you will understand the difference between Power BI workspace roles. In Power BI new workspace we have four roles and they are- admin, member, contributor & viewer.

Let’s understand the capabilities of the four roles:


  • Create, edit, delete, copy and publish reports and content in a workspace.
  • Publish, Update, or Share App in workspace.
  • Access, view and interact with reports and dashboards in a workspace.
  • Configure and modify Schedule data refreshes and Gateway.
  • Add or Remove other users including other admins.


  • Can all the tasks that are associated with admins but can not add or remove users.
  • Can’t delete the workspace.
  • Can add other users to the viewer or contributor role.


  • Can create, edit, delete, copy and publish content and reports within a workspace.
  • Can’t publish, update, or edit an app in a workspace unless given this ability by admins or members.
  • Cannot add or remove users.
  • Modify Gateway and schedule data refreshes.


  • Can only view a report or dashboard in a workspace, also can interact with visuals.
  • Can’t add or remove users.
  • Can read data that is stored in workspace dataflows.

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