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Power BI DAX Formatter Tool by SQLBI

Multiline DAX formula without proper DAX format is very complicated to read anyone, and In this blog you will understand “How to make DAX formula easy to read? or correct way to write DAX formula.”

Using DAX formatter you can convert your long lines DAX formula in readable format. It is a free tool by SQLBI that transform your raw DAX formulas into clean, beautiful and readable code.

Let’s get stared-

Suppose you have multiline DAX formula like as shown below-

Top 2 Prodcuts =
Var GetProducts = VALUES(Orders[Product Name])
CALCULATE([Total Sales], TOPN(2, ALL(Orders[Product Name]), [Total Sales]), GetProducts)
DAX formula

DAX formula

This formula is not in proper format or easy to read, so now to convert it into proper format following the these steps:

Step-1: Copy your DAX formula from Power BI Desktop.

Step-2: Go to DAX formatter Site –  https://www.daxformatter.com/

Step-3: Paste your DAX formula here and click on Format button.

DAX Formatter

DAX Formatter

Step-4: Now your DAX formula is in readable format and you can easily identify the DAX function and expression separately.

DAX Formatter SQLBI

DAX Formatter SQLBI

Step-5: Now copy this DAX formula from here and paste it into Power BI DAX formula screen. After convert, it is easy to read.

DAX Formula in good format

DAX Formula in good format

Thanks to SQLBI Team for this amazing DAX Formatter Tool…

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