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Disable Dashboard Tile Redirection in Power BI Service

In this blog you will understand “How to stop dashboard title redirection to report or How to remove links from Power BI Dashboard Service”?

When you click on dashboard title it will navigate to you report, so in this blog you will see how to stop this redirection.

Dashboard in Power BI

Dashboard in Power BI

Following these steps-

Step-1: Login into Power BI service account- app.powerbi.com

Step-2: Open dashboard and click on ellipse icon(…) for any title > select Edit details.

Edit Tile in Dashboard

Edit Tile in Dashboard

Step-3: Now set below properties for Tile details-

  • Functionality: Check “Set custom link”
  • Link Type: Select “External link”
  • URL: Go to the browser window on your dashboard and copy the dashboard URL & paste this in the Tile details URL section and add hashtag symbol( # ) in end of URL.
  • Open custom link in the same tab?Yes.
  • Click on Apply.
Disable dashboard title navigation

Disable dashboard title navigation

Step-4: Set all above properties for all tiles individually. Now, when you click on that tile it just keeps you on the same dashboard page.

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