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Data types in Power BI Desktop

Data-Types-In-Power BI-Desktop

Data-Types-In-Power BI-Desktop

In Power BI, you can work with different data types to accurately handle and present different types of data. Here are some commonly used data types in Power BI:

1-Text: Used for storing alphanumeric characters, such as names, descriptions, or labels.

2-Whole Number (Integer): Represents whole numbers without any decimal places, such as employee IDs or counts.

3-Decimal Number: Stores numeric values with decimal places, such as sales amounts or prices.

4-Currency: Similar to decimal number, but specifically used for handling currency values.

5-Date/Time: Represents dates and times, such as order dates or event timestamps.

6-Boolean: Represents true or false values, used for logical comparisons or filtering.

7-Duration: Stores a time duration, such as the length of a video or the duration of an event.

8-Percentage: Represents values as percentages, such as growth rates or proportions.

9-Geographical: Used for geographic data, such as latitude and longitude coordinates or location names.

10-URL: Stores web addresses or hyperlinks to external resources.

11-Image URL: Represents URLs pointing to images that can be displayed within Power BI.

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