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Power BI Dashboard vs Reports

In this blog you will understand some major difference between Power BI dashboard & report.


The Report is a Power BI feature which is a result of visualized data from a single data set. A report can have multiple pages of visualization.

Mostly, you create a report in Power BI Desktop.


A Power BI Dashboard is a single page display screen and collection of single or multiple report visuals, that uses visualizations to tell a summary.

You can create a dashboard only in Power BI Service.

Power BI Dashboards vs. Reports

Capability Report Dashboard
Pages You can create a multiple pages in single Report.  It is a single page display screen. Mainly, used to display the summary data.
Available in Power BI Desktop You can create a Report in Desktop & Power BI Service. You can create Dashboard only in Power BI Service.
Data source A single dataset per report in Power BI service. You can use one or more reports and one or more datasets per dashboard at the time of creation.
Set alerts You cannot create an email Data alerts for Power BI Report. You can create an email Data alerts for Power BI Dashboard tiles when certain conditions are met.
Filtering Report support many filter options like Bookmarks, Filters & Slicers. Dashboard support only Bookmarks and doesn’t support any other filters & slicers.
Featured Can not set Report as a featured report. You can set featured dashboard.
See underlying dataset tables and fields  Yes, Can see dataset tables and fields and values. No, You can export data but can’t see tables and fields in the dashboard itself.
Can create visualization Yes, you can create a many different types of visuals, custom visuals Limited to adding widgets to dashboard using “Add title”.

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