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Power BI Visuals

Power BI is a very powerful Data Visualization and Business Analytics tool provided by Microsoft. It help us to provide interactive Visualizations, Dashboard & BI Reports with self-service capabilities.

Microsoft Power BI support 30+ inbuilt visuals, using them you can make your report cool & attractive.

Visualization types in Power BI are-

Clustered Column Chart

Clustered Bar Chart

Stacked Column Chart

100% Stacked Column Chart

Stacked Bar Chart

100% Stacked Bar Chart

Ribbon Chart

Small multiples chart

Card Visual in Power BI

Power BI Multi-Row Card Visual

Scatter Chart, Bubble chart in Power BI

Line charts in Power BI

Creating a Table Heatmap in Power BI

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) visual in Power BI

Area Chart in Power BI