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Stacked Bar Chart Visual

Microsoft Power BI Stacked Bar Chart is most usable chart in Power BI. It is useful to compare multiple dimensions against a single measure.

In a stacked bar chart, Axis is represented on Y-axis and Value on X-axis.

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Prerequisite for this-

Download Power Desktop latest version from – Microsoft Power BI official site

Let’s get started-

Download Sample dataset- Global_superstore_2016.xls

Follow these steps in order to create a stacked bar chart:

Step-1: Load Orders dataset from Global superstore file.

Step-2: Open Power BI file and drag Stacked Bar Chart visual into Power BI Report page.

Step-3: Select Stacked Column Chart & drag some columns into Fields section.

  • Axis: ‘Region’
  • Legend: ‘Category’
  • Value: ‘Sales’
Stacked Bar Chart in Power BI

Stacked Bar Chart in Power BI

You can see here it is showing single measure for every region with multiple categories in horizontal way, that is use of Stacked Bar chart.

Required Fields descriptions:

  • Axis: Specify the Column that represent the Horizontal Bars.
  • Legend: Specify the Column to divide the Horizontal Bars.
  • Values: Any Numeric value such as Sales amount, Total Sales etc.

Format the Stacked Bar Chart visual:

You can set the font size, font family, Title name, X axis, Y axis & Data labels colors for chart visual.

Click any where on chart then go to Format Section & set below properties-

  • General: Allows you to set X axis & Y axis, width & height of bar chart.
  • Data colors: Here you can change the colors used for each series in the chart.
  • Y-Axis: Using this section allows you to modify the appearance of the Y-Axis section of this chart.
  • X-Axis: Using this section allows you to modify the appearance of the X-Axis section of this chart.
  • Data labels: Its enable the values for each category on chart & you can set the display unit, position & orientation of labels.
  • Total labels: Enable total summation of categories on top of each bar.
  • Zoom Slider: It enables zoom feature on chart, using this you can easily saw the small values on chart.
  • Title: Specified the Title name for Chart.
Stacked Bar chart with formatting

Stacked Bar chart with formatting

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