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TreeViz custom visual

TreeViz custom visual allows you to display hierarchical data in Tree structure form with expand or collapse levels functionality.

Let’s get started-

Download Sample dataset- Global_superstore_2016.xls

Follow these steps to create a TreeViz chart:

Step-1: Load Orders dataset into Power BI file.

Step-2: Now logged-In into Power BI desktop file to import the custom visual from App source.

After that click on ellipsis icon under Visualization Pane > click on Get more visuals.

Get Power BI Visuals

Get Power BI Visuals

Step-3: After that one dialogue box appears and now follow these steps-

Under AppSource Tab > Select Category “All” > Search for “TreeViz” > Click on Add button.

Step-4: Add TreeViz visual into Report page and drag some columns-

Category Data: Category & Sub-category

Measure Data: Sales

TreeViz visual in Power BI

TreeViz visual in Power BI

Understand visual functionality:

Using below arrow icons you can expend/ collapse the levels on chart.

Green arrow: show/hide children

Orange arrow: hide 3 siblings

Purple arrow: – show 3 more siblings

TreeViz visual formatting

TreeViz visual formatting

Formatting for TreeViz Chart:

General: Allows you to set X & Y axis, width & height for visual.

Title: Specified the Title name for Chart.

TreeViz settings: Show hide measure from visual and set children limit.

TreeViz settings

TreeViz settings

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