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Enlighten Aquarium custom visual

Data can be simple, engaging, and tell a story at a glance. It can also be FUN! The Enlighten Aquarium transforms your dashboard into a story that clearly communicates.

The Enlighten Aquarium custom visual support two values & fish size depends on volume of values, this visual is certified by Microsoft Power BI.

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Demo of Visual-

Enlighten Aquarium Visuals

Enlighten Aquarium Visuals

Let’s get started-

Download Sample dataset- Global_superstore_2016.xls

Follow these steps to create a Enlighten Aquarium chart:

Step-1: Import Orders dataset from Global superstore file.

Step-2: Click on ellipsis icon under Visualization Pane > then click on Get more visuals.

Get Power BI Visuals

Get Power BI Visuals

Step-3: After that one dialogue box will appears, enter your Power BI account mail id & password there. If you already Logged In into Power BI desktop file then this window will not come.

Step-4: After logged In, you will see the Power BI visual pop-up window. Now follow these steps-

Under AppSource Tab > Select Category “All” > Search for “Infographic designer” > Click on Add button.

Enlighten Aquarium

Enlighten Aquarium

Step-5: Now add visual into Power BI report Page and drag some columns.

Fish: “Region”

Fish Size: “Sales”

Enlighten Aquarium visual fields

Enlighten Aquarium visual fields

You can see in above screen shot fish size depends on volume of sales value. You can get the max sale region by just hover the mouse on big fish.

Formatting of Enlighten Aquarium:

General: Allows you to set X & Y axis positions and width & height of chart.

Title: Specified the Title name for Chart.

Data Scale: It allows you some pre configure size for fish.

Series: From here you can change the fish type for values.

Enlighten Aquarium -Change Fish type

Enlighten Aquarium -Change Fish type

This visual support only two values, in this example I used only Sales but you can use any two values like Sales and Profit.

After that you can change the fish type for both values using series property.

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