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Cylindrical Gauge by MAQ Software

Cylindrical Gauge by MAQ Software allows users to compare actual values against a target capacity.

Each gauge in this visual represents a single metric. It is custom visual and certified by Microsoft Power BI.

Cylindrical Gauge Demo-

Cylindrical Gauge

Cylindrical Gauge

Let’s get started-

Import below dataset into Power BI file-

Year Actual Sales Target Sales
2014 200000 1300000
2015 245000 1300000
2016 1020000 1000000
2017 1300000 1300000
2018 700000 1600000
2019 200000 1000000
2020 2600000 2500000

Follow these steps to create a Cylindrical Gauge chart:

Step-1: Load above data into Power BI file.

Step-2: To import visual from app source you have to Logged-In first into Power BI desktop.

After that click on ellipsis icon under Visualization Pane > then click on Get more visuals.

Get Power BI Visuals

Get Power BI Visuals

Step-3: After that one dialogue box appears and now follow these steps-

Under AppSource Tab > Select Category “All” > Search for “Cylindrical Gauge by MAQ software” > Click on Add button.

Step-4: Add visual into Report page and drag below columns into fields section-

Cylindrical gauge Power BI

Cylindrical gauge Power BI

You can see in above screen shot red circle showing Target and filling area indicates Actual sales value.

Step-5: Now add one Year slicer in Power BI report page and select Year-2020. For year 2020 Target already has been achieved, that’s why filling area crossed the red circle.

Cylindrical Gauge example

Cylindrical Gauge example

Formatting the Cylindrical Gauge-

Select the visual and go to the format pane & follow these properties-

General: Allows you to set X axis, Y axis, width & height for chart.

Title: Specified the Title name for Chart.

Configuration: Provides you these options-

  • Allows you to change the color for ellipse & gradient, set the Min & Max Target. Also you can set Animation time.
  • Set the Target range & color, also you can set the greater & less target with their color.
  • You can enable/ disable the Scale, and set the scale color, position, font size & font family.
Custom visual formatting

Custom visual formatting

Cylindrical Gauge formatting

Cylindrical Gauge formatting

Zone: Enable the zones to set the some milestone for targets.

Cylindrical Gauge formatting-2

Cylindrical Gauge formatting-2

Data label: You can set the font size, font family, position, color & display units for label value.

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