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Key Performance Indicator (KPI) visual in Power BI

In this blog you will understand “How to use KPI visual in Power BI and How KPI % works?”.

The key Performance indicator (KPI) is a very good way to track your current value movement against defined Target.

The intention of the KPI is to help you evaluate the current value and status of a metric against a defined target.

A KPI visual requires a base measure that evaluates to a value, a target measure or value, and a threshold or goal.

Let’s get started-

Import below sample dataset into your Power BI Desktop

Table: Sales

Year Actual Sales Target Sales
2014 200000 1300000
2015 245000 1300000
2016 1020000 1000000
2017 1300000 1300000
2018 700000 1600000
2019 200000 1000000
2020 2600000 2500000

Following these steps-

Step-1: Add KPI visual into Power BI report canvas, and drag some columns-

Indicator: Actual Sales, Trend axis: Year, Target goals: Target Sales

KPI Visual

KPI Visual

Step-2: By default KPI displayed the current Sales & Target values. Explanation as below:-

  • Current – Actual Sales: 2600000
  • Target Sales: 2500000
  • Target achieved by: +100000
  • Green Color: Indicate Target achieved successfully, otherwise it will show the values in Red color.
  • Percentage Formula: (Actual Sale – Target Sale) / Target Sale, then multiply by100.
KPI Power BI Visual

KPI Power BI

Step-3: Now select any year from slicer-

For year-2018 Target not achieved, that’s why it is showing values as in Red color.

KPI Visual in Power BI

KPI Visual in Power BI

How to create a KPI % measure?

Create a measure with below DAX code-

KPI % =

VAR ActualSale= SUM(Sales[Actual Sales])
VAR TargetSale= SUM(Sales[Target Sales])
VAR Diff = ActualSale - TargetSale
DIVIDE(Diff, TargetSale)*100

Now add measure into Table visual, and see the KPI % result-

Power BI KPI visual

Power BI KPI visual

Formatting KPI visual-

General: Allows you to set X & Y-axis, width & height of column chart.

Indicator: Set display unit, font size, font family, horizontal & vertical alignment for Actual sales.

Trend axis: Enable/ Disable graph for KPI.

Goals: Provides below options-

  • Goal: Enable/ Disable Target values.
  • Label: Assign name for Target.
  • Set Font color, font size & font family.
  • Distance: Display difference of Target & sales. Also you can select value & percentage from Label dropdown.
  • Distance direction: Manage Increase/ Decrease direction for positive.

Color coding: Set color for Good, Neutral & Bad.

Date: Set font size, text & color for date.

Title: Specified the Title name for KPI.

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