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What are canvas apps?

Using Microsoft power apps canvas you can design and build a business app without writing a single line of traditional programming language code such as c#.

You can design the app by dragging and dropping the elements onto a canvas, also you can write the formula and calculation using excel-like expressions like SUM, ABS, IF, Switch etc.

Building the App

You can create a blank canvas app with four common data sources- Microsoft Dataverse,
SharePoint, Excel, or SQL Server. Apart from that Canvas apps support hundreds
of cloud-based or on-premises connectors.

Canvas Apps

Canvas Apps

Benefits of canvas apps

  • No need to write a code.
  • Canvas apps support hundred of cloud-based or On-premises connectors.
  • Canvas apps drag and drop interface increase the efficiency of development time.
  • You can customize the form design and layout of the app, such as color, hover actions, or multiple screen navigation.

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