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Creating Rounded Images in PowerApps

In this blog you will understand how to make rounded images in Power Apps.

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Let’s Get Started

The canvas app automatically sets the height and width when you add an image to Power Apps, or you can manage it manually. And border radius is set to 0 by default

Image Property Power Apps

Image Property Power Apps

Now change the properties of the image to make rounded corners of the image-

Set same height, width & Border radius for image-

height=160, Width= 160 & Border radius= 160

And image position should be Fill

Round corner Power Apps Image

Round corner Power Apps Image

Now See the final result-

Circular image Power Apps

Circular image Power Apps

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  1. This is not working responsivly. If you change the windows size the pictures get messy – you can only see this when launching the app, not through the device preview mode.

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