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Power Apps Delegation

In this blog you will understand all about Power Apps Delegation, Power Apps Delegation Limit, Delegable Data Sources & Delegable Functions.

What is Power Apps Delegation?

Delegation in Power Apps is a very important concept that you need to understand, especially when you are working with large data sets in Power Apps.

Understand the word Delegate first – “To delegate means to assign a task to someone else.”

When you’re working with data sources in Power Apps, such as Dataverse, SQL, SharePoint.., the data processing tasks are assigned to the data sources instead of being performed by Power Apps.

In simple word, Power Apps will delegate the processing of data to the data source, rather than moving the data to the app for processing locally.

Working with large data sets requires using data sources and formulas that can be delegated. It’s the only way to keep your app performing well and ensure users can access all the information they need.

Power Apps Delegable Data sources

Power Apps support only few delegable data sources, and they are- Dataverse, SQL, SharePoint & SalesForce, with these data sources you can use delegable functions.

Delegation limit in Power Apps

The default delegation limit in Power Apps is 500 records, and you can extend this limit to a maximum of 2000 records.

Open App > Go to Setting Icon > General > Change Data row limit 2000.

Row Limit Power Apps

Row Limit Power Apps

If you’re working with small data sets (fewer than 500 records), you can use any data source and formula because the app can process data locally if the formula can’t be delegated.

See the below given screenshot, Search function is working fine with less number of records. And there is no delegation warning in the formula bar & Gallery.

Search function Power Apps

Search function Power Apps

If the data in your data source exceeds 500 records and a function can’t be delegated, Power Apps might not be able to retrieve all of the data, and your app may have wrong results.

See the below screenshot, now the number of dataset records is 10K and the data source is SharePoint list. You can see that search function is not working and delegation warning is showing.

Delegation Waring Power Apps

Delegation Waring Power Apps

How to get rid of Delegation warning? Power Apps Delegable Functions-

You can use delegable functions to resolve the delegation warnings, and make sure you are using one of these data sources – SQL Server, Dataverse and SharePoint, then you can only use delegable functions.

Let’s solve above 10K records delegation warning. You can use delegable functions Filter & StartsWith instead of Search function.

Filter(‘ServiceDesk – 10K’, StartsWith( ‘Assigned To’, TextInput1.Text))

Now see the result below, the warning is gone.

Delegable Function Power Apps

Delegable Function Power Apps

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